Friday, May 17, 2013


I've been a very bad blogger.  I've run off and started another blog!  Eep!  Don't worry - it's not permanent.  It's more to help me get my nutrition and weight loss back on track since I hit a major plateau about a month ago.
I'm now posting here in an effort to help keep me on track AND to help keep my friend on track.  You see, she asked me if I would be her accountability partner in her 3 month clean eating adventure - to which I said "Yes".  Now, I'm trying to keep a pretty well-detailed log (outside of the Lose It app) to keep track of the fitness side of things and I figured why not do it from the ol' Tumblr?  I also started a Fitocracy account - which I'm still trying to figure out how to NOT post it to the She Loves You Blog tumblr but to the She Loves You Fit Blog tumblr...

Anyways - that's where I've been.  Sorry for the radio silence.  Something tragic also happened the last few days and I'm pretty shaken.  I hate that it feels like this needed to happen before I realized how precious life is.  I'll write more about it later but you can read about it here in the mean time...

Despite all that, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday

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