Monday, May 20, 2013

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

While this weekend was a sad one, it also perked up some.  In order to distract myself from the terrible weather and Justin's passing, I...cooked?  That's right - I made stuff.  And I'm surprising myself by keeping up with She Loves You Fit Blog!  I guess it's pretty easy since I have it attached to She Loves You Blog on the Tumblr app on my phone...
I'm also keeping up with my new Vanity Plates blog!  I've gotten a few Tumblr submissions and lots more texted / emailed to me for posting and I love it!  I hope you guys love it, too!  Follow it!  Promote it!  Submit your own!!  Funny enough, the MOST reblogged tag has been this one.  Aww!

I also found out that Nathan Williams Instagrammed one of my photos!!!

Crazy, right?!  Does that make us friends now??  Just kidding (but seriously...are we?!?!??)

I also added music to the funniest gif I've seen in a while on Tumblr.

I just FIT, you know?  The song, the gif, the suit, the dance...It was meant to be.  Don't worry - there will be more...

Also - did you hear: Yahoo! bought Tumblr.  This should be interesting...or not.  (I'm hoping not that way everything stays the same)

Read David Karp's message by clicking the photo below:
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