Friday, August 8, 2014

Incoming Mail + Blog Break

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I finally made the sign up deadline for the wonderful Pet Parade Box from Lucky Dip Club!! Everything about it was awesome!!!  We were asked to tell Leona what our favorite animal was and because I love me some mythological creatures, I said my favorite animal is the unicorn but if I had to stay with "real" animals, dolphins are my favorite.  To my surprise, the cute little celebration balloon had BOTH my favorite animals!  Score!  This was such a treat to receive in the mail and I can't wait for the Think Happy Ice Cream Parlour box for next month!  I have gotten so many compliments on the kittens in a basket necklace (you can kinda see it in the middle photo next to the balloon), so I can't wait to see what the Ice Cream Party will have in store!  Be sure you sign up for the newsletter so you can order yours before they sell out - and they sell out SUPER FAST!

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The other sweet meal treat was my cute little package from Fashionology.  I took advantage of a pretty big sale to get my hands on two gorgeous rings: Malachite and Lapis Lazuli.  Once I took the box out of the packaging sleeve, I could immediately feel the intense love!  I grabbed some Sage and put them to work.  The Lapis really spoke out to me and kind of prompted my little (BIG) life change...

With that said - I'm sorry for the blog hiatus but there are some important bits of life happening right now and I think I need to focus my energies there.  I won't be posting much for a little bit but I hope you'll understand that I need this time.  Things are aligning, there are some scary (but awesome) things on the horizon and I think I just need to take a breather so that I don't live in a constant panic mode.

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a magical weekend!

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