Friday, August 29, 2014


North Georgia WeekendAdventures on the Cartecay   #YOLOCABIN2014North Georgia WeekendA little Canadian whiskey for the Cabin Fever! #YOLOCABIN2014 #cabinfever There's nothing quite like sitting by the river this early in the morning and listening to the sweet sounds of...leaf blowers?  North Georgia Weekend North Georgia Weekend North Georgia Weekend

After a pretty intense personal thing, I desperately needed an escape.  Luckily, my friends and I had scheduled this little cabin getaway well in advance of my personal thing, so it was a welcome relief when it finally came around!
We booked a little cabin on the Cartecay River in Ellijay, GA with the hopes of non-stressful kayaking, resting and boosts to our creativity and we got just that - except that maybe the kayaking was a little stressful (due to low water levels)...W and I tethered our kayaks together, which probably made it a little more cumbersome but we had fun getting stuck on river rocks and being thrown around by (very light) rapids.  The boys were in their element, though, and came to our rescue every time we couldn't lodge ourselves out from the rocks!  It was really quite fun but the hot tub was even better!
I also found a half gallon (HEEEYYYOOO) bottle of Cabin Fever whiskey (appropriate, I must say), which made really great Whiskey Gingers AND a beautiful syrup (with fresh fruits) for waffles the next morning!  So good!
We even had time to brainstorm ideas and skits for upcoming projects!  AND I let go of everything personal by sticking to the hashtag I gave the trip: #YOLOCABIN2014.  I even wrote it on the tag van we hitched a ride with at the end of our kayaking adventure and I put it in the guest book that I just HAD to sign!  Fun times!


Do you have any plans for this long weekend?