Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vegetable Tattoo Prank!

Tattly temporary tattoos

Guh!  I'm such a space cadet lately!  Between looking for an apartment (long story), work, and everything else, I spaced on telling you all what those Tattlys were for!  I ordered veggie tattoos from Tattly for a prank that went over swimmingly!

Okay - some backstory: one of my co-workers gets a tattoo every year on his birthday.  His most recent was an artichoke.  Thinking it represented his (fairly new) Veganism, I asked what it was all about.  It had NOTHING to do with him being Vegan or sustainability or anything - it had to do with one of my favorite things: Sacred Geometry!  The artichoke represents the Fibonacci Spiral - the closest thing to perfect in nature.  You might be familiar with it if you read The DaVinci Code...or watch Ancient Aliens...or Spirit Science!

In an attempt to poke fun (in a light-hearted way), I ordered the veggies a little too late so we had to wait for the next filming cycle to come around so that we could execute it perfectly.

A few weeks ago, the production crew and I picked out our vegetables, tatted ourselves up and came up with silly (and meaningful) representations for the most hilarious prank!

Only one of these vegetable tattoos is real...

So clever, aren't we?!  Here are our tattoos in left to right order (with their "meanings") :
Jeremiah -> Tomato: It represents the cosmos
Brad D. -> Artichoke: The Fibonacci Spiral and Golden Mean
Brad T. -> Eggplant: It represents the Pythagorean Theorem
Tom -> Corn: It represents that you have to peel back the layers to reveal what's inside
Mark -> Carrot: It represents Mu, the coefficient of friction (that one was amazing!)
Katzi -> Radish: It represents the duality of male and female

Needless to say, Brad was delighted!  He even declared it the "biggest burn of 2014".  I even had other office members sport their veggies throughout the week to let it drag out as long as possible.  Ha!  At least we know we can poke fun and it's all out of love!  :)

Happy Thursday!

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