Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eclipse Season and a Q+A with my cards

Full Moon 1

Full Moon 2 Full Moon 3 Full Moon 4 Full Moon 6 Full Moon 7 #eclipse view from work Blood Moon

This full moon eclipse has me kinda freaking out a little.  There's a lot of energy associated with this Full Moon in Aries and I'm kinda secretly but not-so-secretly freaking out about what to do next.  I've got this idea of what the next phase in my life should look like and be but the Mercury Retrograde happening right now is preventing me from starting to hash out anything major with it for fear of it getting the wrong energy.  I don't know what to do!!

King of Pentacles Full Moon Q&A
The Kind of Pentacles / The Hanged Man / The Three of Cups

I asked my cards to tell me about someone in my life and I got the King of Pentacles for the second time in a row for them - which leads me to believe that the two cards that followed when I asked a follow up question concerning plans with that person means it's gonna be a GREAT thing!

Now, if I could just practice some more patience, let the Universe guide me by letting go and not doing what is expected of me (for once!) (Hanged Man), we can get to the celebration much quicker (Three of Cups)!  That's my interpretation.  If you have some insight or your own interpretation, please share! :)

How is your week going?  Did you get to enjoy the Eclipse?

PS - concerning The Hanged Man card, I feel like these videos from Teal, that I had watched earlier in the day, were very fitting!

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