Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

Valentine Valentines Valentine Valentines #Valentine shoutout to my shorty!

Happy FSOG Day (aka pre-Valentine's Day)! FSOG will be sure to get all the ladies revved up for tomorrow! LOLJK but seriously - Happy Friday!

What's all this emoji nonsense?  Those are *some* of the Valentines I'm giving to my BFFs this year!  That's right - I took the emoji route because, well, who doesn't like emojis?!
For one of my "serious" Valentines, I took the classic heart+arrow+banner watercolor approach and added a little sass.  I tried doing a pretty 3D version with Illustrator (ughhhh) and Photoshop but it just wasn't coming together AT ALL...then I tried to do a pretty little illustration in the style of my new design crush Lauren Hom, but it just wasn't doing what I wanted it to do (because I'm not as pretty or as talented as her *sad face*) so I went with my pretty, tried-and-true method: watercolors, hearts, banners and arrows.  After a few crude sketches, I arrived at what you see above: "You'll always be my shorty".  I tried a different kind of card stock, which was interesting because the calligraphy ink bled in weird places.  That could have been a result of uneven pressure, probably.  Oh well!  My Valentine received it early and he loved it!

Valentines Valentines

So what's with the Cheesy Pick-Up Lines zine?  Well, I saw Gala Darling's #MEGABABEMISSION for February: Make a MiniZine and at first, I wanted to go serious with a cute guide to ATL's prettiest art pieces (which I will probably still end up making, tbh) but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I wanted to take emojis and make a list of cute and cringe-worthy pick-up lines for a laugh!  Print one out if you'd like!

Do you have any fun Valentine's plans?

Full disclosure: I'm normally not a huge Valentine's Day fan but for some reason this year I feel like spreading the love - not just to my BF, but to EVERYONE!  

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