Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Farm Things

North Georgia North Georgia Farm things Hey turkey bro Hello friend!

This past weekend, I accompanied my friend, W, to a farm in North Georgia to pick up some farm-fresh things since the weather keeps postponing local farmers markets from happening.

While up there, we saw the most ominous looking nuclear power plant.  We had to ask the lady at the farm what the heck it was since we know nuclear power plants are usually stationed near running water (like rivers or the ocean).  She told us it's a coal plant and that sometimes it looks a little scary when it's starting up for the day.  What's the first thing we thought?  "We have GOT to film that!!"  Of course!

Next, we made some farm friends!  I snapped the cute little calf while it was feeding in the cage.  Just a note: the smaller calves are put in cages during feeding time ONLY.  That way they won't get bullied out of eating.  Once they're large enough they can eat with their cage-free friends.

The turkey approached us rather aggressively but it didn't try to harm us, it seemed a little...stressed out.   My friend, W, was suddenly struck by the turkey's anxiousness so she started to talk to it in her soothing voice.  Once the turkey calmed a bit, she tentatively went to pet it and it let her!  She continued to pet it while talking to it and it eventually became so relaxed around us that it sat down and curled up next to her.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!

All in all, it was fun impromptu trip to the farm and I know I'll be going back with as many cameras as I can fit in my car because there are so many great things to on the way!

Happy Wednesday!