Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween 2K9

In 2006, my niece/Goddaughter came for Halloween / her Grandma's birthday and she had never been trick-or-treating before. Of course, being 4 years old and living in Brooklyn doesn't really give much opportunity to go trick-or-treating just yet. But we took her around the friendly subdivision my Mom lives in for her first time.
Costumes (2k6):
The little one was Thomas the Tank Engine - her favourite character at the time
The Sisters: well, we were a mash of trashy dresses, make up and hairspray (see below)

Not only were we a sea of hairspray and neon make up, but we also had some cheesy music (courtesy of my old Samsung) and we...danced.
We danced our hearts out at the end of driveways while the Little One walked up and rang the doorbell to get candy. And let's not forget while we danced, Oni sprayed enough Aquanet to burn another hole in the ozone right above Georgia...
This year is a different story. A certain someone (me) is going to visit for Halloween this year and me and Vee had our costumes all planned out. We were going as the ladies of the SNL skit "Biker Chick Chat" (the one where the f-bomb was dropped causing all the hoopla that was unnecessary) but the Little One had other plans: our costumes were assigned to us by her.
Costumes (2k9):
Little One: A dragon, Vee: Fairy, Me: Witch, Little One's Dad: Knight, Cousin: Vampire (My ideal costume!!! LOLZ), Little One's Little Sis: Princess.
What were the rules? Basically, anyone who wants to join us has to be part of the theme.
Biker Chicks, out. But not entirely. Me and Vee will take our own creative lisence and apply the trashiness of the hair and make up (plus a few other things) and apply them directly to our costumes. Don't fairies have wacky make up? Yep, they certainly do. Can't witches be sparkly and glam? They surely can AND it's all part of the collective look! Nice!

So, I was wondering what the Little One's dragon costume might look like and this is what she wants:

Pretty damn fierce if you ask me! This Halloween is going to ROCK!!