Monday, June 14, 2010

Road tripping (Part 1)

This past weekend, my old man and I went to Jacksonville, FL for Nicole's high school graduation. On the way there, I had some strange thoughts.
  • My goddaughter will be graduating high school in about 10 years. *gasp!* They really do grow up fast!
  • Possible Glee story lines: Will they perform at the local theatres in musical productions outside of school? What will happen with Finn and Rachel? Will Shelby let Quinn see Beth? What's up with Sue? How will they introduce John Stamos - will he be doing a dental procedure on Emma? What will the song in the sing-off between John Stamos and Matthew Morrison be (because you KNOW there will be a sing-off for Emma's love)? Will there be another Diva-off between Kurt and Rachel (for fun this time)? Is it going to go the way of Degrassi: TNG - like, will they admit any new students or will it be the current kids only?
  • I get really happy when I see other ethnicities in South Georgia. Sounds silly, I know, but South Georgia (and North Florida for that matter, oh - and don't forget North Georgia too) make me nervous. If I see people of other ethnicities, I feel better.
  • I missed out on a bunch of photo opportunities in Lumber City, Ga because I was navigating
  • Why is my iPhone maps feature better than my actual Tom-Tom GPS system?
  • What do people do for work in the middle of nowhere (AKA South Georgia)?
These are the things I think about when I can't quiet my mind - which happens to be all the time.

Also while we were at the beach, I made myself Mayor of the Beach via fake FourSquare (AKA my Twitter feed). If you want to check out pics from the Florida trip, check them out at my Flickr!

Love and kisses,