Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Re-Watching "LOST" Recap: Seasons 1 and 2

Guess what? Remember when the Lost finale happened and it was all "An end to an era" or whatever and I said that me and my old man wanted to start rewatching the entire series?
And we're on Season 3 already. Say what?! I know, I know, I should've been bloggin' it but I've been all wrapped up in it! Personally, I think this is the best way to watch any show (Dexter, True Blood, Big Love and all the other shows on channels I don't have).

Rewatching Season 1 went pretty much like this:
  • Hey, I remember when they did that
  • The next episode will be about such and such
  • Oh yeah, remember the season ending like this?
Boom. Done. More like: Boone, done. Wokka wokka. (Still sad that he was a "sacrifice that the island demanded" per Locke).

Season 2 went pretty much like this:
  • Oh yeah, I remember this one but I don't think I watched the next one.
  • This was the one where I couldn't watch the season finale at work and you called me to tell me it was a doozy and when I asked you to tell me the ending, you wouldn't because it was crazy so I waited until 7:30am when it was posted to to watch the last 15 minutes and there was a white light and Jack, Kate and Sawyer were tied up and the whole island shook. Remember? <-- TRUE STORY

How we got to Season 3 pretty much went like this:
Sunday I woke up early after the super awesome OMFG party the night before (be on the lookout for photos!!!). I had only had 5 hours of sleep and I wasn't interested in watching Rome (yet another show I'm catching up on). So my old man suggests we watch a few episodes of season 2 till it got cool enough for him to mow the lawn. After every episode, he check the temperature on his iPod touch (NOTE: NOT a reliable weather predictor but it worked out perfectly for us). The temp was steady at 95˚F. "Wanna watch another one?" "Sure!" Temp check. 95˚. Another episode. 95˚. Another and another and another until it was 7:30pm. Made dinner, watched another one. Watched some more until about 11:30pm. We only had 3 episodes left till the end of season 2 at the end of Sunday. I think it was about 8+ straight hours of Lost. We finished out season 2 on Monday and my old man brought home season 3 yesterday and we were able to squeeze in the first 3 episodes. I'm pretty sure we're both in a blind spot now because I think we both dropped our love affair with Lost at the end of season 2 with the white light magnetic field thing. But I have the ultimate advantage: I've seen the series finale, so I know about Juliet (who annoys me for some reason) and various little things that my old man doesn't know. I gave away Ben when he got captured in season 2 (under the name of Henry Gale) because I blurted out, "Hey! They captured Ben!" My old man gave me the side eye, "Who the fuck is Ben?" Oops.

Highlights of Season 3 so far:
  • Locke's vision quest with Boone as his spirit guide (BONUS Boone!) - Ep 3
  • Jears within the first episode. I should've bet my old man because he didn't think Jack would cry. WRONG. Jack always cries.
  • Ben is still creepy.

So - maybe I'll keep better track of my Lost adventure. It's actually quite fun.

Love and Kisses,