Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Season 4

We started season 4 last night and according to the season cheat sheet at Lostpedia, this season is only 14 episodes long. Lame and awesome at the same time.
Lame because it's so short and awesome because it's so short. We'll be able to get through it in a faster amount of time and get to season 5! Why season 5? Because I accidentally read a spoiler (!!!!) concerning the name Jeremy Bentham - which was the name on the newspaper clipping LumberJack was carrying around with him in the final episode of season 3 in a flash forward. Where does the link to the name Jeremy Bentham take you? Oh that's LOCKE'S page! Yeah, that makes a lot of sense seeing as though I don't know who he is yet!!!!
Oh well. I didn't read too far about Locke going under that name except...well...I guess I'll find out later.
We made it to Eggtown (episode 4) and there are a lot of crazy flash forwards happening.

  • The guy who plays Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) always seems to play that "kooky" character. I have mixed feelings about him...
  • I still don't trust Jack. Sorry, I just don't.
  • SAYID'S fingernails!!!! In the flash forward during The Economist, Sayid straightened out his curly locks (meeeowww!!!), wore something other than his trademark wife beater, was still a killing machine and kept saying he was one of the Oceanic 6. But what was one the of the main things he didn't do? Oh, that's right...cut his fucking nails! Aaaaaanyways....
  • Miles is annoying as FUCK but he's a ghostbuster (perhaps?)
  • Kate and Aaron in the flash forwards. WTF???? BABY STEALER!

  • This isn't really a highlight but it was definitely moving: When Hugo told Claire about Charlie and when he made it a point to remind everyone that Charlie died so they could get some kind of communication off the island.
  • Daniel Faraday being kooky
  • Miles is a ghostbuster!
  • The team from the freighter is on the hunt for Ben (getting closer to some answers!!)
  • LANCE REDDICK!!!! (Also known as Philip Broyles from my other favourite show, Fringe)
  • Charlie slapping Hugo at the mental hospital (this was kind of adorbs)

And that's about it. It's still early enough in the season to not really have a lot of highs/lows. There are many questions (of course) and I'm eagerly awaiting for The Constant (which I'm pretty sure we'll watch tonight because it's episode 5). I accidentally saw a spoiler photo from this episode and I've been hearing people say "I'm your constant" or "You're my constant" since this season aired. I'm guessing it's the equivalent to Avatar's "I see you", I suppose. Either way, it's a fucking catch phrase and I want to know why.

EDIT: Apparently, the whole Constant thing involves Desmond (and Penny probably)

Until next time...
Love and kisses,