Friday, July 9, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: Season 4 - The Other Woman

We were only able to watch one episode last night as well. *frowny face* It happened to be a very Juliet-heavy episode too.

I still don't like her. Why? Because she's an "Other". Why would guys fawn over her? Is it because she's too trusting but she's tough enough to be driven to do whatever it takes to see her sister again? Does Ben like her because she's "fresh meat" on the island? I know Harper said, "You look just like her" but didn't elaborate at all as to who Juliet looks just like. Is it her doe eyes? Whatever it is, there's something about that weird side smile thing that makes me uncomfortable. I mean, Locke's crazy dictatorship of the barracks isn't half as creepy as Juliet. But it is disappointing.

  • Of course Juliet has an affair with Goodwin (Harper's husband) and Ben knows this and sends Goodwin to the slaughter as a fake castaway to the tail-end folks. All those "Tail-End" mo-fos weren't on the magical list.
  • Of course Ben would make a ridiculous statement concerning the ownership of Juliet: "You're mine!"
  • Jack and Juliet. Barf-o-rama.
  • Pretty much the whole episode. Sorry. It just didn't do a thing for me.

Highlights: (yes, there were some)
  • Girlfight! (between Juliet and equally annoying Charlotte)
  • Daniel Faraday saves the day?

Up next: Ji Yeon. Like I said before, I already know who that is because I saw the series finale. Sooooo...all the mystery is gone there. When will the mystery come back? Hopefully with Michael (!) during Meet Kevin Johnson. We'll see.