Thursday, July 8, 2010

Re-Watching LOST: If anything goes wrong...

ZOMG! I know now what it means!
It's all coming together! Gaaaahhhhhh!!!

Just kidding. It's still the same - with the addition of knowing what it means.
It's not Avatar's equivalent of "I see you". But it could be. Either way, Desmond and Penny are so cute they make me barf in the way Charlie and Claire never could. (Charlie and Claire just made me cry a lot)
So...the great big mystery of "_________ is my constant" is solved. Onto the bigger and weirder mysteries Lost holds for me.

Next up: The Other Woman. Oh yay, it's Juliet-heavy episode. Joy...
Unfortunately we only had time for one episode last night instead of our usual 2 (or sometimes 3). Hopefully today we'll get through The Other Woman and Ji Yeon (I already know who Ji Yeon is because I watch the series finale!)

I have to admit that sometimes knowing the ending is fun and sometimes it's not. It's fun in certain instances because I'm able to guess certain things and it does close up some holes. It's not fun because I'm not in deep, deep suspense over certain things like my old man is. But don't get me wrong - I am most certainly enjoying watching the show from start to finish in a few months. That part is awesome!!

PS - Just found out that Elizabeth Mitchell (aka Juliet Burke), Matthew Fox, Jack Bender (for Outstanding Directing), Outstanding Art Direction, Music, MOTHERFUCKING Terry O'Quinn for Outstanding Supporting Actor (!!!), Outstanding Drama, Special Class Programs: "ABC's LOST Presents: Mysteries of the Universe - the Dharma Initiative", Sound Editing, Writing, Editing...the list goes on (I'm sure). Congrats LOST Team!

Love and kisses,