Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The best music you're not listening to: Star Slinger

I first heard Star Slinger on my fave internet hang out: Tumblr. He was one of the first people I followed when I joined the site and I was NOT disappointed. Not only is he an entertaining blogger but he makes amazing beats and most recently, he remixed a track for Childish Gambino (aka: Donald Glover).

If you haven't heard Star Slinger's beats, you've been seriously missing out. His beats are sexy, sultry, filthy and nasty - just the perfect mix to get you in the mood. You can't not get hot and bothered listening to his tracks - especially the ultra sexy Slow'N'Wet and my personal favourite Copulate (which you can download here)

I've downloaded every track he has graciously put up for free and I was hoping to get to tell him in person how much I love his music but due to some traveling difficulties, he couldn't join the US leg of a tour he was supposed to be on so I guess reblogging will do for now...

Out of all the people I've had the pleasure to "converse" with online, Star Slinger is one of the nicest, most laid back people EVER. I'm really happy to see him explode his talents all over the music industry. He's super talented, incredibly humble and a musical mastermind. I think it's awesome! I love to see talented people get noticed.
Check out a few awesome write-ups he's received:
Dazed and Confused

Check him out and see for yourself why you should swoon over his talents.
And ladies - he's hot

Love and kisses,

***Bonus NSFW sexy time track: Do It Myself