Monday, March 21, 2011

Klainebows for everyone!

I know I'm a week late on this but I've been really busy at work so I finally have time to talk about what we Gleeks have been waiting for since Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand and led him down Dalton's halls to sing Teenage Dream...

I had been waiting for that moment for longer than Kurt has (probably) and it finally came! I had seen the spoiler boards and rumor mills working overtime trying to convince me it was coming soon but I refused to believe it because it was one of those things that you want so badly to happen and Ryan Murphy knows how badly you want it but he's going to keep it from you until you least expect it, so I tossed all the rumors aside - even when I talked to my Glee insider. He hinted there was something in Tuesday's episode that would make me cry but he didn't tell me it was the Klaine kiss!

I have been waiting FOREVER for these two to kiss not only because Kurt has had a crush on Blaine since he got to know him and see him as a positive gay role model in his life but because of the way they looked at each other every time they saw each other. You had to be blind to NOT see the sparks between them. I mean, they practically had hearts in their eyes when they exchanged glances - even though Blaine tried courting another guy.

So there it was - my Klaine kisses happening right before my eyes and there I was on my couch, crying like a proud Mama.

Those weren't the only tears, either.

New Directions STOLE the competition at Regionals with their two original songs (that were pretty good, I must say) but I cried - not for the Dalton rendition of Candles but the Dalton rendition of Raise Your Glass. I know: nerd alert, BUT it was kind of perfect to wrap up Kurt and Blaine's new found relationship, kind of. It was so sweet!

New Directions winning also brought on the tears. I was so proud of them! They did such a great job and it was a nice "Fuck You" to Sue, who has been trying to bring them down for SO LONG.

Unfortunately Glee is on a month-long hiatus working on new stuff to close out the season and I've been seeing some thangs in the rumor mill and Chris Colfer relayed something at PaleyFest about a Kurt story line that make Ryan Murphy give Chris the "BITCH, YOU SAID WHAT" face. It was hilarious but Chris was right, "Like we didn't already know"...

I guess I have enough time to find more Glee goodies via the internet but I won't go looking too hard for it - I don't want to spoil the WHOLE THING for myself. I do like surprises after all.

Klainebows for everyone!