Monday, March 28, 2011

Ben Weasel assaults 2 women (and my teenage self) at SXSW 2011

My teenage self is crying.
Ever since my teenage self found out Screeching Weasel was going on tour, my teenage self has been holding out hope for getting her old friends together.
When the subject of the Screeching Weasel show came up in conversation last night with one of my best friends, he informed me and my teenage self that the show was no longer happening.
Immediately, I thought it was Ben's kids (who he speaks so fondly of on his Twitter feed) or one of the other guys couldn't come for some reason - but no. Carter informed me that it was far worse. Far worse than what? Carter didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to break the spell cast on me so many years ago but I begged and pleaded. He told me the heart-wrenching news: Screeching Weasel had spontaneously broken up. But why? What could have happened to make the band just quit? I have been waiting too long to be on the cusp of such an awesome event and have it not happen. Right?
Apparently at SXSW this year, Ben Weasel felt the need to HIT A WOMAN IN THE FACE. That's right. He fucking hit a woman in the face causing the band members to spontaneously quit the band and cancel the tour.

I get it - you're a punk. Some kind of outburst is kind of expected from you. I understand that. But what the fuck was so terrible that you felt the need to outright punch someone in the face and then attack the person trying to stop it all? I get it - she was (possibly) a snotty nosed brat throwing ice cubes for the entire show (apparently). But instead of hitting her, you could have just gotten security to stop it or move her or whatever. Or maybe she was trying to revive the days of yore when that kind of behavior could elicit some kind of response from any front man - like playfully throwing something back or turning the audience on them or verbally abusing them.
My punk days might be slightly over but I can safely say I'm a little disappointed at Ben. Sure, you can bitch about Screeching Weasel playing at a corporate sell out event but you're the ones who decided to play SXSW. YOU made that decision knowing full well that there was a strong possibility that there were going to be brats in the audience. Your fans love you and they'll do anything to get your attention - including throwing stuff at you.
So I guess it was you, Ben, who decided Screeching Weasel were going to use SXSW as a starting point to mark their return. I never expected to hear Screeching Weasel at SXSW but times change, yes, and I guess Ben felt the need to showcase the new (and improved?) Screeching Weasel where they would get some kind of publicity. Not like this, Ben, not like this.

My teenage self is still crying.

Love and kisses,