Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Runway: This is For The Birds: The Recap

ZOMG - What in the world was up on the runway last night??? Now I KNOW Heidi & Crew are on drugs! I will not stand for Anya's antics anymore! With all the help she has been getting from everyone else in the workroom, how dare she deny help to Joshua and then try to distinguish it as "tangible" and "intangible" on After the Runway. WTF Anya?! What is wrong with you?!  Don't you realize that the "intangible" help you're receiving is what Joshua said it was - they paid money for that kind of education - which makes it "tangible" for them but not to you?  Who the fuck do you think you are?!  So you learned to sew 4 months prior to the competition.  Good for you.  Do you feel like you should win this because you're making some sort of statement?  The only thing this is showing me is that you're making a mockery of the whole Project Runway franchise.  Sure there have been worse contestants than you BUT they all knew how to construct garments properly.  You just sit there and throw some shit together because you know Heidi and you have some modely companionship going on and it's sickening.

I can deal with the fact that Gretchen won last season because even though her clothes (and her attitude) were shitty, she could still construct the damn outfits without anybody's help.  You send out garments without fasteners and you're constantly asking for construction advice.  Why should you get the win?  You don't deserve any of it.  Everyone else works harder than you because they all know Heidi and Nina have the biggest boners for you.  Your designs are uninspired.  All they look like to me is "Meh, this should be easy construction because I don't know how to make anything else but I'll skew one thing and the judges will think I'm making a new twist on an old design element".  No Anya. 

On that note, let's see Anya's Raven inspired outfit:

Congrats on styling your model after your own personal style, btw. As if we couldn't see your extreme narcissism enough already... 

She went head-to-head (in a "shocking" runway twist) with Laura:

As far as a head-to-head challenge, Laura did take it too literally but I don't care.  I'd still pick hers over Anya's

Next up: Joshua's parrot inspired outfit

Joshua went head-to-head against Bert (or Birdt LOL):

Taylor Dayne's outfit was in the bottom - even though Heidi liked it.

Heidi, do you realize that every time you praise terrible designs, I grit my teeth so hard that my molars will probably be ground down to nubs by the end of this season?  Good job.

Next up, the Viktor and Kimberly smack down!  Kimberly was unraveling for most of the episode but she finally got it together and decided she was out for BLOOD.  Viktor's to be exact.  She wanted to make it her mission to take him down a few notches worked!

Kimberly's Grecian Goddess silhouette:

Viktor's Grecian Goddess silhouette:

If I had to pick, I'd pick Viktor's over Kimberly because I really like the gathered fabric.  I'd take off the feathers though.  They're making me crazy!  I'd make him molt that dress.  Kimberly's is too Real housewife of Beverly Hills Pageant Night.  Especially with the peek-a-boo boob - or should I say peek-a-boob.  Heeeeyyyooooo!!  I'm on a roll!!  It's my birthday today.  That might be it!  LOL

Anyways - the runway was very upsetting last night but at least they got one thing right - Bert was auf'd.  Bye bye Berty!!  (Ha!)  That After The Runway show was brutal to watch too!  I mean, why the fuck would they bring Laura back to trash on designers she hasn't worked with?  Why did she get all Mommy on Joshua?!  Ugh.  It was a disgusting display of Laura's irritating attitude that made me dislike her on her season.  I thought she was irritating because of her pregnancy but turns out she's just that irritating all the time.  Super...  I stand behind Joshua's comments regarding Anya - even about their friendship or whatever you want to call it - but I especially stand by his comments to Laura B about her shitty ass comments about his attitude.  So what, girl!  You had a pretty terrible attitude about another competitor's construction - remember how you tried to call Jeffrey out on his pleats??? did that.  You almost got him eliminated over some petty ass shit because you were intimidated by him and we all know how that turned out.

Okay - I'm done with this runway drama for today.  I want to start enjoying my birthday!!
Have fun today and I hope to see you all at Pride Atlanta this weekend!