Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Funday: Decorating Woes

My old man and I have been together a long time.  Like, a really REALLY long time and one thing we haven't really done is settle anywhere.
By "settle" I mean decorate.  With the assistance of my Dad, we've been homeowners for a few years now and we still haven't settled in.  I've got photos in frames, he's got artwork printed and I keep buying Missoni for Target house-related items (I can't help myself).  Okay, not just Missoni stuff but I do keep buying housewares.  Whether it's a shower curtain (*cough*Missoni*cough*) or a Klimt print from Ikea or random blind box items from Kidrobot, we have a lot of stuff but it's not any where in the house - except just taking up space.
While I was visiting with my Mom, we watched a few HGTV decorating shows which got me thinking about how we need to do stuff with our stuff.  Then I remembered those really awesome Jonathan Adler pillows that I lusted after forever but never got...

What if I could design my own set of silhouettes and combination freezer paper stencil plus screen print them on these boring ass Ikea curtains we got forever ago?  Hmmm...
I tired to explain it to the old man but he wasn't getting it.  I Googled different items (which probably made me look like a monster) and got to Photoshoppin'.  The old man still didn't see it.  Ugh.  I told him I'd print it out at a larger scale to see it big picture and to see if he'd like it.

I printed it this morning and BAM - sweet ass art piece!

Obligatory photo of me holding my print - shot on my iPad with the Incredibooth app

Personally, I think that might be a little too much for the curtains BUT I think I can frame this and it would make a nice art piece for the space!

I have to admit - I was pretty inspired from walking around Castleberry Hill during Flux on Friday night so this weekend was a great motivator to finally get our house organized and decorated.

Now if we could only stop arguing over everything, I think we'd be fine.  Aaaahhh...the joys of relationships and homeownership.  Gotta love it