Thursday, October 20, 2011

Star Slinger in ATL!

I didn't realize last night was going to be so cold so I didn't dress accordingly.  As I stood outside and shivered, I listed to conversations being had by kids who were at Drunken Unicorn for the first time ever - which made me wonder: What was my first ever Drunken Unicorn show?  I can't remember but I can say that I've seen almost everything there and the excitement that the kids were feeling about seeing Star Slinger was so great that I was getting all giddy too.

Star Slinger was one of my first ever Tumblr friends.  I'm always happy to get reblogs from him and even happier when he posts tracks.  I had this idea in the back of my mind that he might remember me from Tumblr, so I decided I'd use that as my intro - at the complete risk of sounding like a fangirl (which I totally am).  Not gonna lie, I was expecting to be a little star struck when I sat down with Star Slinger last night at Drunken Unicorn but instead, I felt like I was talking to an old friend (and yes, I was completely star struck too).  I called him by his real name and said, "I don't know if you know me but we blog together on Tumblr" to which he said, "I know!  You're Katzi!  Thank you so much!"  I was beyond ecstatic that he remembered me even though I haven't been on Tumblr that much lately.  I was totally fangirling but I had to reel it in.  He was saying that I have been there from almost the beginning and I said it was amazing to have seen his progress so quickly.  He's the coolest, mot chill guy and it was great talking with him.  It was even cooler when kids came up to him while we were talking to tell him how awesome he was.  Crazy!

After the initial shock of "OMG I'm talking to Star Slinger", the show was really great!  I didn't realize Time Wharp was from Atlanta.  I need to check that kid out more!  His set was the perfect start to an amazing show.  Time Wharp

I have to say, I only knew Shlohmo from the Friends of Friends comp and Star Slinger, so I wasn't expecting the awesomeness that was Time Wharp and Shigeto.  Shigeto blew me away!  That kid played live drums over his loops!  Crazy!!

His set was pretty chill too and I started getting more and more into it.

I got a little bold and decided to try and make it front and center for Shlohmo.  Done and done.  He opened up with Aaliyah - which was fucking amazing - but as I scanned the crowd, I saw more blank stares than I thought I would - which made me sing out even louder! Shlohmo
His set was the perfect lead in to Star Slinger. Star Slinger
I maintained my place at the front of the stage and jumped up during the last song. That shit was crazy! He got the whole place going NUTS!!  It was the most fun I've had at a smaller venue in a long time and I was so happy that Star Slinger was FINALLY in town and getting his music out there for more people to experience.  It renewed my faith in Atlanta's music scene.  I saw so many smiles in the crowd when I was on stage and it made me so happy that there's at least one genre of Atlanta music fans that can get over themselves and just enjoy the fucking music.  It was amazing!  I want Star Slinger to come through again!  Maybe next time he'll let me buy him a shot or two...