Monday, February 25, 2013

After The Oscars

Here we are - at my trademark Day-After-The-Oscars post talking about inspiration and fashion and jokes and all the fun stuff Oscar night provides for Monday morning.

I confess, I didn't watch the end so I didn't get to see Jennifer Lawrence fall - though I saw the video AND the gif - but you know what?  That girl WORKED IT.  The end.  Honestly, my most favorite thing she did was her reaction in the "We Saw Your Boobs" number

Yeah, girl! Get it!

Personally, I didn't get why everyone on Tumblr was STR8 H8N on Seth MacFarlane.  We've all seen Family Guy so we all know what's bound to happen, right?  People were calling the Boobs song "rape culture", "sexist" and all that but all the actresses willingly participated in the song by pre-recording their reactions (including JLAW above).    Someone posted a great comment in the article calling his jokes sexist:
"Why is it misogynist to make jokes that involve women? The punchline of the Jennifer Aniston joke is that she is exactly the opposite of the kind of person that you might expect to be a stripper. The joke about George Clooney is making fun of George Clooney. The joke about Jessica Chastain hinges on our agreement that her character is anathema to the reductive female stereotypes of women cast in romantic comedies and the like. It’s this kind of knee-jerk, brainless finger-pointing that waters down every deserved accusation of real misogyny. Jokes aren’t the problem, whether they’re funny or not. It’s the unwavering assumption that women require constant heroic sheltering from the slightest hint of supposed sexism that makes them out to be impotent, one-dimensional victims. These celebrities aren’t victims, and it’s more offensive to imply that they are than any silly joke a cartoon writer makes."

PREACH!  It's a fucking awards show - people are mean to each other all the time.  Seth is no different than Ricky Gervais or anyone else who hosts.  Granted, some jokes were a little too much but this is coming from the same guy who fucking performed You Have AIDS.

Despite all of that, I thought Seth MacFarlane did a pretty great job.  And people are majorly H8N on me for that via the Tumblr but you know what?  The producers heard the jokes, they approved the musical numbers and all that so they knew what was coming.  The stars were a little upset here and there but you know, they need a little tough love every once in awhile.

OKAY - I'm done.  If you don't respect me for enjoying Seth MacFarlane last night, it's okay.  We're each entitled to our own opinion.


I wasn't too jazzed (lol jokes!) at the Chicago performance.  Sorry!  I didn't care for it at all but Catherine Zeta-Jones was FABS.  Jennifer Hudson KILLED And I Am Telling You.  That song always gets me in tears and she didn't fail to have me crying by the first note.  The Les Mis performance was quite wonderful but I think I was more excited about Aaron Tveit's entrance.

Hubba hubba!  He stole the show (and my heart!) in the film and he diverted my gaze away from Hugh Jackman for quite some time.  WHAT?!  It's true.

Since I didn't last for the whole thing, I caught up via E! News here.

There was one more thing that irritated me more that the Seth H8 on Tumblr - it was Quentin Tarantino's win for Best Original Screenplay.  I have a few problems with this.
First, let me start by saying that, as a budding teen, I LOVED Quentin's films.  Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were wonderful...when I was 15-16 years old.  Then, I watched them with my adult eyes and adult point of view in my 20's and realized I had seen the references Mr. Tarantino had referred other, older films.  Nothing he had made was "original" and I get it - everything has already been done so how on Earth do you update it?  The worst instance of this, for me, was Kill Bill Vol. 1.  Why? That fucking yellow jumpsuit.  There's nothing original about it except in this incarnation of almost EVERY Asian revenge film EVER, it's a woman wearing it, not Bruce Lee.  It makes me sad that most people don't realize that it had been done before.

And don't even get me started on the "Trix are for kids" back and forth between Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman...
What was the most infuriating thing about Quentin's win besides the actual win itself?  He fucking looked like this

Everyone rags on the actresses all over the BEST / WORST Dressed lists and here come Quentin looking like he had started the after party already when he accepted his Oscar.  No. You're an Oscar winner now. Get it together.

All in all, it was a fun Oscar night but dammit, it was long. Like, really REALLY long. Please forgive my rants but I think it's worth mentioning that this is the internet, after all, and we're all entitled to our own opinions. If you don't like something I have to say, please don't leave me negative comments. I'm getting enough of that on Tumblr, unfortunately. Shame on you, Tumblr-ers! You should appreciate difference of opinion most of all!

How did YOU enjoy the Oscars?