Friday, December 13, 2013

A totally 90's afternoon break

Do you ever hear something that reminds you of something else and then you try desperately to remember what it was but it escapes you so badly that even your Google searches don't make sense?
That just happened to me.  On a (rare) lunch break, I went with a coworker of mine to Mellow Mushroom and on the way, I Google searched for a "90's techno video game on the Playstation that had bugs and gold coins".  That wasn't my exact Google search but either way, I couldn't find it!  I broke down and texted Oni once we got back to the office and it was so simple!

The game: N2O: Nitrous Oxide with the soundtrack by: The Crystal Method.

Why was this game on my mind?  My coworker had a Fast and Furious soundtrack playing (not sure which one - maybe F&F6?) and some tracks on there reminded me of "that weird Playstation bug techno raver" game.  My coworker had NO idea what I was talking about and I tried to search my brain for the answer almost the entire lunch break!  Mystery solved, thanks to Oni - who I should've texted all along...

Do you remember playing Nitrous Oxide?  What was / is your favorite video game?

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