Monday, December 16, 2013

THG:Catching Fire

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 I FINALLY saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and let me tell you, I was a big ball of emotions.

*SPOILERS AHEAD* in case you haven't seen the first movie or read any of the books...

Seeing Rue's darling face once again made me lose it during the Victory Tour.  It was crazy how Katniss and Peeta had to stand there and speak in front of Thresh and Rue's families. heart!

Cinna's beatdown in front of Katniss was a scene I was dreading since I first read it in the books and I was kind of hoping they would've left it out but it meant so much in the book just to add that little bit of spirit-breaking-ness to Katniss as she was about to be thrust into the arena.  So sad!

When they showed Peeta's portrait of Rue during the final training session, I lost it.  I had forgotten how incredibly sad this book was...holy cow!

One of the fun, distracting things I was doing during the movie was trying to figure out where it was filmed.  One location came easily because my Mom and I almost took my Grandmother and aunts while they were here but they're only doing a Hunger Games-themed tour - which my relative would not get, so we ended up not going.  The place?  The Swan House.  You'll recognize it as President Snow's house where the Victory Tour ends.

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The other area was the Capitol. The elevators they get on are very familiar from a certain yearly event that happens in ATL: Dragon*Con! The hotel: The Marriott Marquis.  Its very distinctive insides are quite noticeable if you've been there before.  I saw these gifs on Tumblr yesterday and was like "OMFG JOSH HUTCHERSON IS IN TOWN?!?!?!?!????!!"  Guess who's on the hunt now?  LOLbutseriously...

The other thing I was fixated on was Katniss's sweater-wrap thing.  Just look at it!

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The whole time I was like, "Is that Rodarte?  It has to be Rodarte.  right?"  I mean, Rodarte OWNS the creative knit game and the look above is spinning around in my head about how to make it.  I know I can knit it...I'm just wondering if my hands are fast enough to make it quickly and can my brain figure out how to make it *almost* exactly like Katniss's???  There are great photos of Katniss's knit pieces on the Capitol Couture site but it's pretty mysterious so I'm not exactly sure of where and what to look for as far as designers go...either way, any and all angles of the above piece are greatly appreciated!!  I'm pretty sure I will be picking up my knitting needles once more to try and recreate this piece!  I just love it that much!!

OH - and Effie's dress in the Swan House photo with Katniss and Peeta (above) - I was like: "OMG THAT LOOKS LIKE CHRISTIAN SIRIANO'S HANDIWORK FROM HIS WINNING SEASON ON PROJECT RUNWAY!!!"  I hope it is because it's GORGEOUS!!!  If not, kudos for Effie's looks in this film.  They are wonderful!!!  Definitely better than the last film!  Her makeup was better last time but whatevs...Actually, it looks like Christian Siriano's work throughout the film, to be honest.  I guess I'll have to wait for the Limited Edition Blu Ray with lots of behind the scenes stuff, right?  Right???

And yes, I squealed when they did a closeup of Peeta's gold necklace!

So exciting!  I can't wait to stalk around Atlanta and see if I can run into Josh Hutcherson or Jennifer Lawrence!  That would great!  I'll probably be the one weirdo that will faint and it'll be embarrassing.  Oh least it will be exciting (if it happens, that is!)

If anyone has any intel on the fashion of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, that would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

Happy Monday!