Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quite the eventful morning!

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My overactive imagination strikes again...
I heard some really strange noises as I was preparing to leave my house this morning and my imagination went crazy imagining things that I probably shouldn't.
I leave for work before 6am so it's dark outside.  Like, really, really dark.  Not to mention there are trees around my house that block out the light shining from the street lamps on the main road so my house is DARK when I leave for work.  This morning, I was packing my lunch when I heard a loud screeching noise.  I brushed it off thinking it could possibly be branches scraping across one of the windows but I heard it again, except it lasted a little longer.  Slightly unnerved, I continued my morning routine and headed out the door.  Once I opened my front door and waved my arm to activate our motion sensor porch light, I heard some scurrying through the dry leaves in our yard.  Like, A LOT of scurrying.
So, I screamed, ran inside and slammed the door shut and ran upstairs to grab my old man so that he could come check out the situation.
We opened the door together but saw nothing.  I was hesitant to walk out alone but I had to get to work and my old man wasn't quite ready to leave just yet so I couldn't wait for him.  He agreed to watch me walk to my car and wait until I was in it and it had it started before he could return to his morning routine.
I hurriedly walked to my car but I tried to be as quiet as I could so as not to disturb whatever was lurking in my yard.  I kept imagining the slow-moving zombie lady from the very first episode of The Walking Dead.  Why her?  Oh, you know, because she's the stuff my nightmares are made of and I've only been able to watch just the first episode so she's the only zombie I'm familiar with.  Just getting the link for the photo of her made my skin crawl...
Anyways - I quickly and quietly got into my car, locked the doors and revved my engine but I couldn't leave yet.  We had a cold front come through and I had ice all over my car.  I was basically in an icebox.  Terrified of running into Miss Zombie, I didn't get out to scrape it off.  Instead, I let my defrost do it but it took FOREVER.
Visions of slow-and-fast-moving zombies ran through my mind as I stared into my icy windshield.  I kept imagining that once the ice had defrosted, a zombie would be revealed...waiting for me.  Yikes!
Luckily, there were no zombies (thank goodness!) but I left my neighborhood in a bit of a hurry.
At work, I heard more strange noises as I crossed the parking lot but this time, I was on my own.  I can't really describe what I heard but it wasn't the same screeching sound as before or else I would've been terrified and either frozen where I stood out of pure fear or I probably would've gotten back into my car and screeched the hell outta there!  Either way, I safely made it to the front door, unlocked it and got safely inside.
I can't believe it's barely 10am and already, I'm freaked out of my mind!!  I'm trying to calm down but I just hate zombies and I hate that my mind goes there whenever I hear weird sounds or I'm alone or whatever.

What scares you?  Is there anything scary in particular that your mind goes to when you least expect it?