Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SPSH2014: Sent Mail + gifts for myself (because why not?)


Yesterday was a good - NO - a GREAT day for mail!  I got my items from Adam JK's shop - which felt like Christmas morning - AND I packed up my parcel to be sent to my pen pal!  In fact, the post man left with it about two hours ago, so it should be able to start its journey very soon!

I can't wait to get my parcel!  While I was lurking through the #SPSH2014 tag on Instagram, I came across mine, I think.  I'll know when it arrives, which should be Friday because that's what the receipt says!

I had such a blast putting this project together!  I hope the recipient likes it.  I had one more thing to pack in the box but I haven't gotten an email regarding the status of my order.  It's all good, though.  I guess I should've warned my pen pal that I would mail her something separately.  Of course, I thought about that AFTER I sealed the box.  Duh.  Silly me.

This week has not been my week.  I feel like the only good things have been getting my package ready for my pen pal and receiving all the fun stuff I ordered.  Oh, and also completely changing my script.

That's right - I flipped the script (lololololololol NO) and changed the ending completely.  In order to make this new ending work, I had to add an element in, which I hadn't planned on at all but it turned out being a lot less scary than I thought I would be.  Once I get it typed up, I'll proofread for cosmetic things (like typos and such) and then send it off to my friend to edit.  Phew!  I'm excited and scared about this story but I love it so much and I'm hoping I can get it on the track to being made!


How is your Wednesday going?

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