Friday, February 28, 2014

Great Mail Day!

What a wonderful day for mail the other day!  I got some cute Valentines from Midge Blitz, another cute Valentine and a bow tie (YESSS!!!!!) from my pen pal Jess, and the coolest postcard EVER from Michelle!
And yesterday, as I was dropping of a set of Creepy Hearts Club hearts to be mailed out (to The Netherlands and New Zealand!!!), I spent a few extra minutes talking about Supernatural to the mailman who handled my letters.  Why Supernatural?  I forgot I had my Castiel pin on my jacket and the guy asked who he was and once I said "fallen angel", he was all "Tell me more" so you know I did! 
I'm hoping he made good on his promise to start watching the show as soon as he got home.  I told him he's got 8 full seasons on Netflix just waiting to be watched!  And on a related note, I've got THREE episodes of Hannibal left before season two starts TONIGHT!! 
I'll have to do another post on Hannibal because I'm pretty sure I love that show more than I love most things (possibly more than Supernatural!)

Happy Friday!