Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Handmade Valentine Swap!

Valentine's Day might be over but I'm not over receiving hearts!  Yesterday was a great mail day because not only did I get more Creepy Hearts for the Creepy Hearts Club, but I also received the last of my Handmade Valentines from the Handmade Valentine Swap!

Handmade Valentine: Mayra

Handmade Valentine: Claire Handmade Valentine: Claire

Handmade Valentine: Steff

Handmade Valentine: Kasia Handmade Valentine: Kasia Handmade Valentine: Kasia

Aren't they all beautiful?!

The first card I received was from Mayra.  Know I shared it in the Incoming / Outgoing Mail post but I wanted to do a proper Handmade Valentine post, so here it is again!  :)

You know me, I love a good pun and the card from Claire is the cutest!  "You hive my heart" with bees AND star confetti?!  So cute!  I'm hoping the weather in England has calmed down some so she can maybe start to have a Spring of some sort!  I'm trying to share some of this weird Georgia weather with my friends overseas.  Can you believe we're supposed to have a high of 69º+ today?!  We were just frozen last week!  (I'm not complaining - I'm ready for dresses and sandals!)

The button cupcake is from Steff.  She has a cute aesthetic and it totally shows in the card!  She hosted a party recently and I'm totally jealous of the set-up that she posted (and arranged).  So cute!

The last set is from Kasia, who makes beautiful jewelry at Kashen Jewellry.  Just look at this necklace!  Love it!  Looking at her Instagram, you know she's super talented in a variety of fields.  And the origami heart is so cute, it makes my origami skills looks terrible.  That's right - because I don't have any (yet!)

I'm so glad I signed up for this swap because I loved making and sending out the Valentines to four new friends and the ones I've received have inspired me to make better parcels for my new pen pals!

Happy Wednesday!

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