Monday, February 10, 2014

The Book of Mormon!

It's no secret how much I love Cannibal! The Musical.  It started in college when I worked in the photo/video check-out area.  The photo guy and I would watch it every Saturday morning and serenade everyone with "Let's Build a Snowman" or "Shpadoinkle" on a regular basis.  Now, I have the DVD, I watch it on Netflix all the time, I know all the songs and "Shpadoinkle" is one of my ringtones.

I could keep going on about how much I love anything Trey Parker does (including South Park, Team America, Orgazmo, etc...) but I'll stop here because the biggest thing for me was having The Book of Mormon be my first ever live show.  That's right!  The Book of Mormon was my FIRST EVER live show and I LOVED every minute of it!!

Book of Mormon            Book of Mormon pins!

I was trying really hard to contain my excitement because I didn't want to look like a total spazz at the theater but it was tough!  The opening number was fabulous and I wanted to give every number a standing ovation.  They were just so wonderful!  I highly recommend seeing this show if you haven't already!

Here are a few videos from around the web of my favorite performances.  Enjoy!

The opening number from the 2012 Tony Awards:

"Turn It Off"

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