Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SPSH2014 - The Reveal!

Hey everyone!  I'm so glad that the post right after Snowmageddon 2014 is this one!  I've been feeling a little down lately (I'll snap out of it soon) so I'm glad to be sharing something that makes me happy!

Follow the jump for a photo breakdown of the contents of my received mail from the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt 2014!

My lovely partner was Marisa (who you can find here)!  She's also a member of the Creepy Hearts Club!  Hooray!

01 - The package arrives! 02 - The package explodes!

So much cool stuff!!!!

Clippings and Photos: Part 1 Clippings and Photos: Exposed

I need to find frames for all these great shots!

Lomo Manual

What's in the unicorn box? What was in the unicorn box?  A necklace!

I remember coming across the California water color in the Instagram tag and I remember thinking "I hope that comes to me!  I want that so bad!!"  Lucky me!!  I've got so many great things to frame and put into my 2014 SMASH*Book, I don't know what to do with myself!!

Clippings and Photos: Part 2

Secret Stash Secret Stash Revealed!
Secret Stash up close SMASH*Book Supplies

Look at all these great SMASH*Book supplies!!!  I can't wait to start putting my 2014 SMASH*Book together!  All of these things will kick it off in a great way!  ^__^

Information and Post Cards

I LOVE these!  I especially love the Whaley House pamphlet!  I would love to check it out since I LOVE ghost tours!  Such fun!

Secret! Secret!
Secret print!

Such a sweet painting!  I can't wait until I get to accompany someone to Ikea so I can get a cute frame for the beautiful painting and the Andy Warhol post card from the pamphlet set!  My old man refuses to go to Ikea after our terrible experience a few years ago so now, I have to tag along with my mom or my friends (because I can't go alone - the panic attacks!)

Clipping and Photos: Part 3 - Elizabethtown!

You know I totally freaked out over the two shots from Elizabethtown, right?!

Hello Kitty Cards - front Hello Kitty Cards - back
Cat candle and unicorn friends Cat candle and unicorn friends

In the above 2 shots, I wanted to show my cat candle (that she hand-dipped) and the unicorn box (that held the gemstone necklace) hanging out with my various buddies on the mantle.  You might say I have a slight kidrobot problem...I might have to showcase my collection later - I'm just glad I have some new additions to my very eclectic mantle!  :)

So many great goodies!! I realized I didn't take solo photos of the cute journal she put in there too. D'oh!  Oh well...I still love them!!

I hope you enjoyed my incoming mail for the SPSH this year!  I can't wait to read about everyone else's packages (including how Jess liked mine)!  Check out the others towards the bottom of this post!

Here's what I sent to Jess (who you can find here) for "Something that represents me".  I wrote in her letter that I would post it on YouTube and link it to my blog :)