Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Incoming Mail: Lucky Dip Club + Gem Party!

Untitled She did it again! The cutest #incomingmail from @luckydipclub!!! I LOVE IT!!
Lucky Dip Club necklace

The lovely Leona of Lucky Dip Club has done it again - this time, with the Think Happy Ice Cream Parlour box!  I squealed like a maniac when I saw the parcel in my mailbox and squealed even more when I opened it to reveal all the wonderful goodies inside!  What always gets me is the customization. I freaked out when I saw the ice cream cone necklace with my name on it!  It was absolutely perfect!  everything about this box was wonderful and cute and it puts the biggest smile on my face every time I use the items - especially the wonderful Sundae Girl bag!  The Think Happy notebook fits right in and I have been carrying it around with me ever since it arrived!
If you have missed out on any boxes, check out the shop and either order past boxes or put in your order for the next surprise box!  You will NOT be disappointed!
*PS - sign up for the mailing list!  September's Magic Forest box sold out in 4 hours!

I forgot I ordered all these treasures! It felt like Christmas morning opening these beauties!

After watching all of Contessa Miller's awesome videos about crystals, I took it upon myself to load up on some.  I ordered the lot above from Etsy seller Isva Stones about a month ago so I had completely forgotten what I had filled my cart with!  It felt like Christmas morning when I opened my little parcel!  I had forgotten I ordered so many things - like two Chakra pendants, a Rose Quartz pendant, Chakra stones, tumbled stones, a Quartz pendulum, an Amethyst energy booster and a Quartz pyramid.  In my defense, a bulk of it was a Treasure Lot so it wasn't like I went totally nuts, right...?  I've been wearing my gorgeous Chakra bracelet every day since.  I even followed a lot of different advice for cleansing and energizing my stones - I let them sit in salt that W and B gave me that was direct from Hawaii and I saged them right before I put them on (the bracelet and the Chakra pendant on the left side of the photo above).  I love them all!  I even have them energizing on my windowsill so that they get enough sun and moonlight to charge their energies!  All I need now is a chain for the gorgeous Rose Quartz pendant because it is just begging to be worn :)

Happy Monday!

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