Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fake Animal Facts: Dinosaur Edition

If you don't read Carly's blog, Zauerbear, you're seriously missing out!  Her blog is full of magic and wonder in the best possible way!  About a month ago, she posted a wonderful game: Plastic Animals Scavenger Hunt, which prompted me to host my own - with a twist.
My friend works ridiculous hours at his job and while I was waiting for him to get off work one night, I decided I'd make the last few hours of his shift fun by hosting my own scavenger hunt only with dinosaurs and fake facts instead!

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Armed with little dinos and tags, I quickly scribbled a few fake animal facts and attempted to hide them around his workplace.  It didn't work exactly the way I wanted it to but he appreciated the sentiment!
I'm going to try again at my job and see if it goes off a little better...

Happy Thursday!

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