Monday, May 4, 2009

Daisy of Love Revelations

While the sky was falling on Atlanta this weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up to my new favourite show: Daisy of Love.

I immediately fell in love with London - who made Daisy say "It's Daisy of Love, not I love Liquor!" And I also went googoo for Sinister (even though I don't know much about him). But the one guy that had me swooning the most was Professor. He left early (for boring Daisy to death, apparently). Professor was cute, quiet, shy and just wacky enough (stretched ear holes) for the show, I think. He balanced the heavy dose of CRAZY out nicely. Too bad...
One guy I wish would go home is 12 Pack. Hmmm...let's see...where do you know him from? Oh that's right - I love New York and I Love Money. I think he's on Daisy of Love to be on TV, honestly. I mean, it's pretty freakin' obvious. But there was another familiar face on the show...Big Rig. The farmer / country boy. Why did he look familiar??? Then it hit me! Remember that VH1 show America's Most Smartest Model? Remember the crazy Russian, Andre? Big Rig totally reminded me of Andre.

I'm sure they're not the same person, but damn it, they do look similar.
Anyways - I had a few thoughts concerning the contestants on the show and here they are:

Brooklyn and 12 Pack have got to go, in my honest opinion. They lack personality and I don't think Flipper sucked all the crazy out of the house when he left, I think he injected more in.
poor Triplets, too. All they wanted was free füd, free booze and free air time (probably).
And yes, I AM missing someone because VH1 didn't have his profile up at all! Who could it be, you ask? Why, the only black guy of course! What's up with that?!