Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DJ Ehyeh - the coolest house DJ you're NOT listening to (jerks!)

When I started working where I currently am now (I can't say where because we had a HUGE meeting about it), I met this wacky, loud-mouthed, dread-locked guy named Aaron. He was the in-house audio master: he recorded all the live audio for the DVDs we make and did the music editing and mixed all the pretty audio files for us to use in our final exports. *sigh* What a guy!
Last year, he told us all he was leaving for Florida to be with his family. By that time, we had become friends and I let him know about my love for techno - especially DnB. As a parting gift, he gave me a bunch of old CD mixes from him and his friends that have gotten pretty heavy play time on my iPod.
Well, he recently moved back to Georgia and he now is set up with our friends: the lovely Wendy and Brad. I go over there from time to time to shoot our interpretive art film that has yet to be named and I occasionally run into Aaron (usually while intoxicated).
I happened to be at Wendy and Brad's last Friday and Aaron bestowed upon me the greatest DVD ever: 17 hours of his own house mixes. 17 hours. Fucking AWESOME. Sadly, my poor little iPod had room for 4 hours only but these 4 hours are amazing and I can't wait to hear the others. It's perfect background music for what I do and it's awesome music to get hype to. I feel like my office has turned into Afterlife and Preston Craig has everyone sweating.
Get your hands on these MP3s (or ask me and I'll pick a random track to burn for you) and get your ass on the dance floor. STAT.