Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I still love you, London

Okay - I haven't really been staying up on the Daisy of Love updates but I have a good reason. Actually, 2 good reasons: 1. Charm School with Ricki Lake and 2. London left Daisy of Love and I'm extremely distraught over it. Probably not as much as Daisy but still.
London (aka Joshua Lee) made a scene about Daisy and him connecting but not connecting and all that but it was with good reason. When they were on the tour bus going on their group date, London talked about how his Dad was addicted to pain pills and kicked him out of the house. He said it. BUT when they were playing Truth or Dare later, Daisy asked him why he was kicked out of his house. WTF? If you had been paying attention, Daisy, you would have already known that and not asked that because he also said it was something he didn't really like talking about. I think London was right in feeling bad since it was obvious Daisy wasn't paying attention at all and we all know she can be spacey - remember Sinister's VIP date? Yeah, neither does Daisy since she spaced on that, too.
London was right for walking out - it just felt like Daisy didn't care enough. I mean, it sounded like she wanted a Sid and Nancy type of romance but it just wasn't happening. Good job for walking out, Joshua. We still love you! I guess I'll be pulling for Sinister or Flex now.

One good thing about Charm School getting in my way is Ashley! She's back and she's more awesome than ever!! Welcome back Ashley! We've missed you!