Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NPR and a Commentary About Twitter

I was listening to NPR this morning when I heard this commentary: Keep Your Tweets to Yourself by John Ridley. It made me think about the whole privacy thing for a moment but then I realized that Twitter is really just a way to spout out random things. It's like micro-blogging for the super ADD. You get 140 characters to do what? Share little snippets with people. Maybe a celebrity that will never @Reply you back. Maybe it's a cryptic message you're trying to send across. Maybe it's a way to locate your friend at the Masquerade. Or maybe it's a way to get things off your mind - whether they mean something or not.

Personally, I keep my Facebook status and Twitters separate because I use Twitter to say the things I don't really care to tell ALL my friends. And to send messages to celebrities that I know will NEVER @Reply me back. So, I agree and disagree with the commentary I heard this morning. It's like Twitter is the newest way to get "Internet Famous". Like, if you post something buzzworthy or something, everyone is talking about you. Whether it's a Twitter War or TwitPics or Twit-Whatevers, it's the newest way for "Common People" to have a voice to share with the world. So, if you don't agree with the newest internet fad where people are voluntarily giving random information about themselves/their current situations, don't fret! Another newer, better internet fad is on its way (I'm sure).


Of course Kanye had to ALL CAPS BLOG about Twitter as well...

(photo via BuzzFeed)