Monday, January 4, 2010

An Ode to iPhone Camera Apps

It all started with an article on the Kidrobot Kronikle. The Hipstamatic, eh? What is all this then? $2? Sure, why not. Why not, indeed.
I use the Hipstamatic camera for everything. EVERYTHING. Passing by some flowers? Hipstamatic. Strawberries and champagne? Hipstamatic. Kidrobot toys? You guessed it. Hipstamatic!
It has replaced my regular iPhone camera for all photos. I have a set dedicated to all the Hipstamatic photos I've taken on my Flickr. It's great! It fooled one of Oni's friends, too. He had asked me about my Holga and when I told him it was an app for the iPhone, he got a little sad. Well, did you ever think something so digital could look so analog? (Hipstamatic's slogan: Digital Photography Never Looked So Analog) I didn't really think so unless it had some Photoshop mastery behind it, which made me a little sad because I had taken so many other photos with my regular iPhone camera that should have been taken with the Hipstamatic. But not to worry!
After joining a few Flickr pools dedicated to iPhone photography, I stumbled upon a user who used both Camerabag and Lo-Mob with her Hipstamatic photos. I had seen Camerabag and wasn't too sure of it but I did like what was happening with her photos using both Camerabag and Lo-Mob, so I downloaded them as well and spent most of last night treating my older photos with Lo-Mob. And I think I love Lo-Mob as much as I love Hipstamatic! It's so much fun!
I was never really one to experiment with photography much since I got out of school but now, it's great! I'm sure I sound like a freakin' iPhone app commercial or something but they really are great, especially for a photo novice like me. Well maybe "kind of novice" I guess. I'm not exactly the Photoshop master but I get by and I don't have to pay for my film to get developed - which is a MAJOR plus. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to thank the teams who brought these apps to life (and the many more I haven't discovered yet) to do all the "arty" work for us. Thank you developers!

Here's a taste:

(PS - I shot those flowers at my local Target. That's right, Target)

Go to my Hipstamatic set on Flickr here!

I hope this year you find something that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing! Don't stop believing!
Love and kisses,