Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adventures in sleep

Last night, I tried to go to sleep at a decent hour. I tried really hard but I got sucked into watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. After that, I closed my eyes and went off to dreamland. Then I heard someone whispering my name. It was my BF. He was standing by our TV with an awkward look on his face. He continued to whisper: "Promise me you won't get scared, okay?" Ummm...not exactly what a girl wants to hear when she's woken up. "If you see something, don't yell." Where is this going? Is there someone downstairs? Did someone break into our house? "It's probably more afraid of you than you are of it." Okay. Is there a spider in the bed? Should I jump out of bed or stay in it? Should I have my phone ready?
I got a little scared and pulled the covers up, trying to make some sort of cocoon. "What is it?" "I think it's a chipmunk." A chipmunk? WTF?! In our room? We've had a mouse before (downstairs though) but never a chipmunk. "I saw it's tiny tail run that way," my BF tells me, pointing to his closet. Of course I'm a little freaked out but thankful it's only a chipmunk. The worst part is how my BF found out about the chipmunk.
I was asleep already and he was just drifting off to sleep when he felt something on his legs. Thinking it was me, he turned over to find me facign away from him. There it was again. So he turned on the lights, threw off the covers and saw a tiny tail darting towards his slightly cracked closet door. It was on our bed. Ugh!
So we close the closet door and stuff a towel under our sink where a panel is missing and try to go back to sleep. Then I feel something on my leg.
I throw off the covers and turn on the light. We didn't see anything but we heard something coming from the closet area.
Around 4am: We try to go back to sleep again but then we hear the sound of something falling over. I turn the light on and look. My BF starts moving stuff around in his closet and sees something dart from our bedroom door back to the closet - finally confriming that it is, infact, a chipmunk. I get up to see what has fallen over and it turns out to be my lotion and lemon balm. Was it on the fucking sink?! Ugh!
We decide to stuff the bottom of the closet door with another towel to prevent it from coming out of the closet again and we're finally able to get some sleep. Some sleep. Uneasy sleep.
Too bad this wasn't a singing, computer animated chipmunk instead of a real one. I would have prefered that.

Love and kisses,

NOT a chipmunk