Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These kids today...

Sunday morning, I woke up on my couch with a head-pounding hangover. The night before was filled with 3 pitchers of margaritas, drag queens, good friends and food - including a fried Snickers bar (OMG awesomenss). The reason I woke up on the couch is because I normally take a shower if I've come home from places that allow smoking (my BF hates the smell) but I didn't feel like showering so to avoid comments from the peanut gallery, I slept downstairs.
When I drink as much as I drank that night, I usually sleep for a few hours and then sleep-wallk my way through the next day and that's exactly what I did. And since I had the TV to myself, the hard part was trying to figure out what to watch.
I flipped around and around trying to find something interesting or something that could possibly put me back to sleep but instead I found nothing but infomercials and crap. So what do I do? Put it on MTV before realizing what was on and I flip over to try and go back to sleep. But I can't. Why? Because there's this bratty girl yelling at her mom about how hard it is to have a social life after you've had a kid. I turn around and there she is, yelling at her mother like she's the worst parent in the world. What in the cuss am I watching? Oh, it must be Teen Mom. And yes, I got sucked in.
That brat's name is Farrah. She yells at her mom for reminding her that she's a mother now and that she shouldn't party so much and it was making me so mad. What do you expect, Farrah? You have a fucking kid now! Your social life is practically dead until they're old enough to take care of themselves. Don't treat your parents like shit just because they won't let you go out with your friends.
The whole time, I kept thinking "If I was Farrah's mom, I'd strangle her!" And lo and behold: Farrah's mom - My hero Debra - got arrested on Saturday for allegedly choking Farrah! My fucking hero! Or should I say she-ro! It's about damn time she stood up to her own disrespectful daughter! If I was acting all disrespectful to my mom like that at her age, I would've had a fat lip and been locked in my room for a LONG TIME. If I had a fucking kid at her age, I couldn't even imagine what my mom would do. She certainly would NOT let me go out and party whenever I felt like. I know that for sure.
And what's up with Amber and Gary? Their relationship is like a trainwreck. And I don't even know the point of having Catelynn on the show when she gave her kid up for adoption. I mean, I understand the stress that happens when you willingly give up your child and all but all the focus is on her boyfriend's redneck parents. Well, redneck dad, I suppose.
I think it's safe to say that I don't think I'll be watching that show ever again because it got me so angry at the attitudes of teenagers today. Call me old school but you've got to respect your parents and parents, you have to command the respect from your kids. You're the boss until they move out. Me, I'm such a push-over with my nieces it's not even funny. But I try not to let it get out of hand. They still recognize that I'm a boss too. These kids today...
I'll stay away from Teen Mom - just let me have my Jersey Shore!

Love and kisses,