Monday, January 11, 2010

How the flower photos came to be

I think my career as a flower photographer with my iPhone has only just begun!
It started with a trip to Whole Foods where I shot some really pretty orchids that looked animalistic. They turned out okay but I wasn't really thinking about shooting more flowers. Well, I was but we were on a schedule - we didn't want to be late for Sherlock Holmes! Sadly, the other flowers were forgotten. Whole Foods always has such beautiful flowers!
Then, on one of our many trips to Target, my BF and I split up and I ended up in the flower section. Lucky for me! That was when I shot my first set of flowers and they came out amazing, if I do say so myself! So much so that I joined a bunch of flower groups on Flickr AND I also joined a bunch of groups dedicated to the wonderful world of iPhoneography and the most wonderful app in the world: the Hipstamatic (but you already knew that).
I've been checking my Flickr like crazy to see how well people are responding to the flowers and it seems like everyone likes them a lot. The comment on this photo made me so happy today! I truly appreciate all comments like that and when people "favorite" my photos! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - like I'm doing something people enjoy and appreciate. It's always nice to feel validated with something you're doing.
Now, that may make me sound like I feel a little neglected but that's not the case at all. Truth is that I've always been wanting to put my work up online but I've been afraid of it attracting negative comments. I bit the bullet posting these photos as a way for my friends to find them and nothing bad happened. No negative comments, no nothing. So I started posting more and more and I'm still on the hunt for more of my friends from the 1999 era of band photos specifically. But along the way, I've taken a slight detour - especially since I got my iPhone.
But that did open a can of worms - in a good way.
I've also recently started a Vimeo page. So I guess the realm of the internet isn't that bad. Maybe I'm just too shy...

And maybe I'll start an iPhone 365 project, like! Huzzah! We'll see...

Love and kisses,