Friday, February 18, 2011

BGC 6 - Who runs the BGC house? Who cares...

This season of Bad Girls Club is making me bored. I hate to say it but it's true. Sydney was really the only one I enjoyed but what the other girls were saying about her is kinda true: she really does complain a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Especially in the last episode she was in when they went to San Francisco. She was a real sour puss - not just because of all the unnecessary tension in the house but because of her boyfriend.
Yeah, that's right, her boyfriend.
I don't know if it's Oxygen's editing or what but one minute she's on the phone with her boyfriend telling him he's the only one for her and how she wants to make it work and blah blah blah "you're my boo" etc etc. So when they're in San Fran, cut to Sydney making out with some guy.
The reason I think she left soon after was because I think she was using BGC as a way to "exlpore" certain "areas" of her life and then come back to a warm body when it was over and done with but the only problem with that plan is those pesky cameras that catch everything and I think she got scared because she had already been caught with 2 guys on camera and she just wanted to save herself from further explanation. Oh well.

Now that Sydney has gone, it looks as though Hurricane Char has turned her sights to a more delicate victim: Lauren. Why?! Gee, I don't know. I guess maybe I thought Char was more mature than this but I thought terribly, terribly wrong. Char is the oldest in the house so why is she making it look like bullying is okay? That's awful. Just because Lauren doesn't want to "follow" you doesn't make her a target. Char really needs to get over herself. I had really high hopes for her because of her age and maturity but I am horribly mistaken. I still stand behind Lauren though!

Hopefully I'll be able to sit through all of Monday's new episode since I skipped out on last Monday's. I know this might not be possible, since it is BGC after all, but I want them to stop fighting - even if it's just for one episode - and just be civil to one another. That's all. At this point, it's all petty shit that's driving everyone crazy. I understand that it's the dynamics of so much estrogen in one place and the cultural and societal beliefs than pit women against each other in every kind of situation but I just hope that one day they can stop fighting and respect each other as equals. No one is behind anyone (*cough*CHAR*cough*) - we're all equal.
Yeah, but I think today's episode is when Char yells, "DON'T DISRESPECT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO MY MOTHER" at Lauren. Hurricane Char has rolled in...

Honestly, I think Char will get what's coming to her...

Love and kisses,

Char photo from What Tee Says