Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Inspiration - The Oscars

After the Oscars, I always get into a bit of a frenzy. Seeing my heroes and a few underdogs win is a big boost in my creative thought pattern. This happens every year - so why haven't I done anything about it?

2011 is different, I feel. I had a great creative brainstorm with LB this weekend and I've been working on a mixed media costume, art thing for a certain event in May that will remain nameless until the time has come. But what of my short films? What of my editing? What

Yes, what of it indeed. Two years ago, W&B and I made a short and sent it to Sundance. It wasn't accepted but that's not the point. Where did the wind in the sails go? What happened to all that steam? I understand W&B are busy with their docs and other projects and I'm busy with work but that's no excuse for me to not pick up a camera. Why the fuck not? With all the stuff Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing with, why am I not getting more creative? I guess I'm not that great of a storyteller. My stories aren't compelling enough anymore. W did a number on my segment for our short film and I realized that I'm kinda boring. She knew just the right stuff to inject and make it a million times better. But all that aside, what's holding me back? Fear? Creativity? Ideas or lack thereof? Resources? Idea stealers? Am I ever going to get a solid crew? I want to work with W&B again but scheduling is so tough... If I don't have W&B, I'm a one-woman-crew. I haven't really worked with anyone else (except for the wonderful JD, DLM and TT in college) and I trust the crew at work (J and B are awesome) but what's holding me back? I don't know. Maybe I'll just run around and film everything - alá Thierry Guetta (but better and more organized). Maybe I'll take my half-baked ideas and actually bring them to life - good or bad. I'll make anything and everything. Provocative or plain and simple.
That mindset is working for the nameless project in May (even though I've only made 1 video with a modest 20 views) but whatever - it's a start, right?

I mean, if this guy can win an Oscar (for Best Live-Action Short 2011)...

I can get off my lazy ass and DO SOMETHING

Wow - that sounds rude. I'm sure God of Love is a wonderful short and very deserving of its Oscar. What I meant to say is that homeboy above looks all nerdy and awkward and scatterbrained and stuff - which is kinda like me - so why the hell not make a freakin' movie already?!

Sounds like a plan. This year's motto: Don't just talk about it, DO IT!

Love and kisses,