Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freak outs, Playboy and Oompa Loompas! Oh my!

Okay - let me eat my fucking words about BGC. Last night's episode started losing me but Lauren provoking Char (aka OCD: Operation Char's Demise) was amazing! First with the car (Nikki's plan but whatevs) then with with the phone. Holy shit, that was amazing. What really put the icing on that cake was the mattress over the balcony. That was truly priceless.

But before I can declare my insane love for Lauren, can we please talk about Jennifer? I'm with what Tanisha was saying during the after show: "Who the fuck do you think you are?" And, since we're talking about the after show, can we please talk about how Lauren called Char out on how Char was using people to do her dirty work, especially the new chick and Char was looking like, "I would never!" but at the end of the after show she admitted to using Jennifer as a pawn in Char's game. What in the actual fuck, Char? Lauren brought up a good point: Char says, "Been there, done that" and Lauren says she hasn't and she needs to in order to really learn from her experiences. I get that and respect that. But I think it's messed up that Char would want to come into the BGC house and try to "run it" with her "year of experience" when she's the WORST instigator or them all. I mean, let it go! She's still hanging on to the fact that Nikki and Lauren went on stage with Natalie Nunn (another BGC fave) and bad-mouthed them. Get over it! That was forever ago and you just need to let it go.

Okay - back to Jennifer. What in the hell?

I don't understand how she has done things with Playboy. I know that makes me sound like a jerk but come on, really? I don't get it. I was too distracted by Ashley!
At first, I didn't really like Ashley since she started all that crazy ass shit when she invited her disrespectful friends over but she seems like she's mellowing out (in BGC terms). She totally dominated that Playboy test shoot and if it were up to me, I would've picked her and Kori.

I give up - every time I try to express my disgust for Jennifer, I get distracted by the other Bad Girls. How awesome was it when Lauren straight up hung up on Jennifer during the after show? Ah-mazing! Tanisha looked like she was all on Lauren's side. She was certainly NOT going to put up with Char's shenanigans, that's for damn sure. I think after Lauren wailed on Char, Char should really calm down. I mean, what's so important about "running" the BGC house? WHAT? Nothing, Char. You just want to look like the baddest bitch up in there but really you just look like a bully. A childish, immature bully.

The only thing Char is doing is making herself look like a maniac who needs some kind of attention/validation from others. Where is your mother, Char? Where is your father? Did nobody love you when you were growing up? I'm only slightly concerned.
Let me just say that I'm really looking forward to next week's episode of more Bad Girl shenanigans - and I hope Hurricane Char gets downgraded to a light drizzle sometime soon. It's getting old...

I will say this, though: my views still stand about the societal view of pitting women against women. I don't like what it is that makes us women feel like we have to be in a constant popularity contest. I feel it. I've felt it all my life and it's weird because with as much unity as I feel can happen, I feel that animal instinct of having to be the one on top - the winner, the first, the BEST. And I can't really shut it off. It makes me sad, really. But what I notice about BGC is that they take a bunch of girls from different backgrounds and throw them all into this house of craziness. The girls all have one thing in common too: they all "run" whatever group they're in back home, all their friends and family hype them up by telling them they're the best, prettiest, most beautiful, etc, and that breeds an unhealthy, violent environment. I know I don't have to watch this show but it's interesting to see the dynamics of younger women. I didn't go to a "regular" college so I didn't have the "college experience" of living in dorms and being constantly surrounded by an excess of estrogen so I feel as though I'm sort of a late bloomer when it comes to things like this. This is interesting to me. It's like seeing some sort of crazy, bizarro sorority house breaking down. It makes me wonder...

Love and kisses,

Photos from I Love BGC Tumblr