Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seaside Heights - My experience at the Jersey Shore

When you think of the Jersey Shore, I'm sure you automatically think of the MTV crew: Snooki, JWOWW, etc...Well, I was there, at Seaside Heights yesterday and let me tell you the Jersey Shore is actually quite pleasant! For people like me that live in a land-locked city like Atlanta, the Jersey Shore is unlike anything I've ever seen before! I kept thinking how it would be in ATL if we had a boardwalk with boardwalk food and games all within our reach. Would ATLiens be too cool for that?
I've been to a few boardwalks but this one is something else. I mean, I did see the quintessential Jersey pouf on one or two young ladies but everyone was quite...normal. I'm not trying to say that I was expecting clones of the Jersey Shore cast but a tiny piece of me was hoping to see a few - which I did but they didn't really stick out like the people on the show - which could be a good thing. The store where I got my hoodie (the epic sparkling unicorn) was filled with nice people working there. The lady at the register and the airbrush artist actually engaged with us and made jokes and were really sweet. I don't know if I'd find the same kind of attitude at Coney Island. BUT Coney Island is considerably smaller than Seaside Heights, so I would imagine people wouldn't really hang around for too long since you can pretty much do everything within a few hours.

Seaside Heights is sort of the same, though. The boardwalk is like an endless loop of games, food, rides, bars and shops. You really don't have to go too far on the boardwalk to do everything but the people watching is insane! There were so many different kinds of people just walking around and enjoying the shore that it was actually pretty great. But that still got me thinking: what if Atlanta had a shoreline with a boardwalk? What would it be like? I'm sure there would be a Karma-type club (which was packed on a Wednesday night!), there would probably be a Bamboo-type club but would there be an MJQ-type place just off the boardwalk? Would it be like East Atlanta by the shore? Would it be like Buckhead reborn? Who knows! The possibilities are endless. I guess you could say that maybe Underground was kind of supposed to be something like that but that just makes me think that a Boardwalk situation wouldn't really do well in Atlanta - unless maybe the Real housewives did stuff there? Maybe?? Something tells me that wouldn't really make a difference. But I'm sure that if I lived by a boardwalk, the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. Unless, maybe, a hit TV show made it popular...
They LOVE the Jersey Shore cast and what the show has done for Seaside Heights. I'm sure tourism has really gone up since the show started and you know what? I'm happy to contribute.
Viva la Jersey Shore!