Friday, June 10, 2011

MTV's Skins Revamp Gets Canceled

Yes folks, it's true - the MTV revamp of Skins has been canceled. I didn't think the US was ready for a show like that. The UK version works better for me because the cast is way more believable. Like I compared before, the US version looks like a bunch of kids that look old and busted way before they're supposed to be and I know it wasn't supposed to be a direct copy of the UK show - but still.

The UK show was such a hit (for me) because I could totally relate to ALL the characters. Yes, I'm way older than them BUT I could still relate my own experiences to those on the show because I had very similar experiences growing up. Skins gen 2 is a little bit different BUT the characters are extremely likeable - especially Cook. I love him!

But that goes to show that the MTV version was a little less relatable. To me, it kind of emphasized America's view on society: kids are looking older and older than the age they actually are. I could go more in depth but I won't because then it turns into a race issue (and that is trouble all on its own) and a size issue (and I'm not ready to tackle that one right now). But I will say that they would change the gay character from male to female - even though Tea is cute but Maxxie was precious beyond all get out and he was such a wonderful character!  I hate to admit it but the US still isn't ready to see male-on-male action. Personally, I love it but some people just aren't ready.

It pains me to say this but I think America's speed, right now, is only at Teen Mom. We'll catch up sooner or later...(I hope)

Love and kisses,