Thursday, June 23, 2011

My New York trip - the photos

"The Path To Hell". A great way to start my flight.

BTW, this woman was clutching her barf bag during take off. I was a little worried...

Sunset is full of haters
In Sunset Park - my step-sister's neighbourhood

Tammany Hall
Great show at Tammany Hall! We were bar hopping around the East Village and stumbled into this really awesome place. Lots of fun! I definitely want to go back!
Check out a brief video from the show here.

Wall art
This piece was on Broadway in SoHo. We spotted it on my quest for a gold rope necklace.

Welcome to Historic Little Italy
It's not a trip to NYC unless you've been to Little Italy! (Yes, I had amazing pizza, as usual)

My step-sister and me in our mermaid outfits before the Mermaid Parade

Wonder Wheel
The iconic Wonder Wheel ferris wheel at Coney Island

Coney Island's parachute drop

We ran into Jesse and Courtney during our walk through the parade route!

I loved this girl's cute little necklace! I should've asked her about it but it seems easy enough to recreate with vinyl ^_^

Sheryl Yvette

Prometheus at Rockefeller Center
I had only passed by Rockefeller Center in the past and on Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day with my step-brother in-law by eating at the Rockefeller Center Cafe which is where you normally see ice skaters during the winter. This is the closest I've ever been to Prometheus!

NBC Studios in New York City
Mandatory photo of the iconic NBC Studios sign

Top o' the Rock
Top of the Rock view

Top of the Top of the Rock

My niece checking out the view

The always gorgeous Saint Patrick's Cathedral - which we spotted from the Top of the Rock. I didn't realize it was right there!

Radio City Music Hall
Mandatory photo of the iconic Radio City Music Hall

Chandelier at Jacques Torres

I finally made it to Jacques Torres!
I finally made it to a Jacques Torres store! I have always been a huge fan of Jacques Torres from his Food Network show days but I could never make it to his store in Dumbo BUT there was a store at Rockefeller Center and I totally spent a ton of money on his high end chocolates. I regret nothing! Every piece is like heaven. I wish I could live on his chocolates forever...

More photos and videos to come, I promise!!

Love and kisses,