Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gonna go back in tiiiiime - Music Edition!

While I was looking for some music from my past to load up on my iPod (because I like to drive myself crazy), I found some other music from my past that I was really stoked about finding!!

First up: The Last Chucks

I first met Mike Last of The Last Chucks at 513 when they played with the Teen Idols (I think...) one out of many many times.  My ice breaker with Mike was talking to him about the gorgeous Bettie Page tattoo on his shoulder.  I was a nervous kid back then and I was trying to play it cool since I didn't realize the Last Chucks were from Atlanta, so I thought I'd never see them again unless they came back on some whirlwind tour (with the Teen Idols probably).  Little did I know Mike and Carter would collaborate on many, many projects over the years...I shot them A LOT - photo and video.  I have the photos ready to be scanned, I just need a working scanner...The videos are lurking in a box somewhere, unfortunately.  I'm still on the hunt for those...

Next up: Das Manics

This was a bittersweet find for me since this was one of Nate's bands.  I saw them a few times at old Lenny's and I feel like I have photos somewhere...The frontman is the every-so-dreamy Matt Matson - who is an old friend from high school. I would say how he used to dress back then but I'll spare you. I'd like to say he's like a fine wine: he was really good looking in high school but holy mother of god - he's super hot now.
*Funny story: One time I went to visit Matt at the mall. It was around Christmas time so it was crazy packed. We were walking around and I said we should poke into Victoria's Secret to maybe find me a present for my boyfriend at the time. Being the good sport that he is, Matt indulged me and let me try on some bras and corsets. While I was in the dressing room, he knocked wildly on the door. Half dressed, I opened the door to him telling me that Usher was in the store. I peeked around the dressing room door and sure enough, Usher was in the middle of VS with a crowd of girls gushing all over him. Being silly teenagers, we yelled "Fag!" and ran into my dressing room, laughing hysterically. One of the VS clerks knocked on my door and scolded us for being in the dressing room together. I got dressed, didn't buy anything and we were on our merry way. Ahhh...mall adventures circa 1998!

Next up: Devastator

Devastator was a band with my friend Skot. Although I only got to see them once or twice, I really enjoyed their music.  I will try to post some MP3s somewhere since I can't find anything on the interwebz about them.  They were pretty awesome and some of the nicest guys I've ever hung out with.

That leaves me with one last gem of a find: The Number Ones

Believe me, I have NO shortage of photos of this band and they, too, are with the Last Chucks photos waiting to be scanned.  This band evolved from so many incarnations it's not even funny - and they didn't stop with The Number Ones either.  The last incarnation of Carter's many bands (in Atlanta) ended with The Lazy Indians and Forever Men.  Honestly, in all my photos, I don't think I'd be able to tell the different incarnations apart but they were all equally awesome (except the Beercans - that was not my particular brand of humour back then).  This is one of two Number Ones tapes I should have in my stash.  John says he might have the other and I would kill to have those tracks purely for selfish reasons.  One of my best memories was when the Number Ones played at 513 on November 4, 1999.  They were opening up for the Lillingtons and, unbeknownst to me, I was standing next to a Lillingtons band member.   Carter dedicated a song to me in their set and I got all googly-eyed and sugary.  The Lillingtons guy was like, "What's that all about?  Is that your boyfriend?"  Breathlessly I said, "Yes" and he was like, "Aww!  You guys are so cute!"  "It's our one year anniversary," I let him know.  He shook me by the shoulders in a playful way and was like, "Happy anniversary!  You guys are fucking cute as shit!"  The whole time, I never took my eyes off of Carter and it was one of the best,  most saccharine moments ever in my life.

The song he dedicated is on the other tape. . .