Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Klaine Kisses and Doin' It

Last night's Glee was quite possibly the cutest episode of this season so far!  Although new Warbler Sebastian came on a little TOO strong to Blaine (who wouldn't?!), I thought he was totally adorable.  Blaine was totally swoon-worthy throughout the entire episode - yes, even the drunk parts - and Kurt was just as precious as ever.

I couldn't help but think of my first time.  I felt like Tina while she was talking about hers.  My first time wasn't as perfect as hers but it was definitely memorable and makes a great story!

I'll admit I could've done without Rachel and Finn's story and I LOVED that Coach Bieste got some action last night!  And I was wondering if Damian McGinty's brief cameo in last night's episode counted as one of his 7 that he won from The Glee Project.  It better not because I heart him too much for him to just be in the background...

I was also wondering why Atlanta doesn't have a club called Scandals!  I would love it!  Geoff said that we should open one and we could offer 1/2 off drink specials for Project Runway viewing parties - which would elevate from live-blogging to UStream video blogging (YESSS!) - and we could have Drag Race viewing parties and themed drag nights.  That would be my ultimate drag fantasy come true!!  I would LOVE IT!  Universe, it's in your hands to help me make this a reality!  I want this!!!  I need this!!!

Aaaaaaanyways...the She Loves You Tumblr is joining in on "The Morning After" gif posts from last night's episode so, I'll duck out of here and continue the reblogging of the cutest gifs from last night.  And just so you all know, I haven't been this giddy about an episode of Glee since Kurt and Blaine's first kiss!  Memories!