Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspiration in an unlikely place

A few months back I bought some canvases to try and make something like this for my "home office"

Full tutorial for these here
It wasn't working for me because I still had to stencil out the FCP logo and all that fun stuff but my heart just wasn't in it.  Thinking I could get it back in the game, I kept the canvases stashed away until I felt like making AE and FCP related art.  Sadly, I couldn't get myself to so the project was abandoned.  I liked the idea of having blank canvases, though.  My old man likes to create too.  I was hoping that seeing them around would give him a much needed boost to start creating again...

Feeling down and lonely on Friday night, I stayed up and watched some movies on Netflix Instant hoping the sadness would creep its way out of my mind but instead, it burrowed its way into my heart.  I didn't sleep much and we spent much of Saturday out of the house - which was a good thing since I needed to escape.  All day I found myself humming my new favourite song: "Poor Lenore" off of Wavves' "Life Sux" EP.

Let me tell you a little something about this: I was really upset that I had missed this EP coming out in September and I was even more upset that I haven't been keeping up with Wavves.  Not only does Nathan Williams remind me of someone very specific in my life (in a weird, parallel way - with all the pain and misunderstood-ness) but I love the band and I love seeing Twit Pics of him and Bethany. Their playful photos remind me of something I once had - which is good and bad all at the same time.


Before I let myself get swept up in the Nathan/Bethany romance of a lifetime, I put my headphones in and put "Life Sux" on repeat.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  While each song is wonderful and catchy and just plain awesome, "Poor Lenore" is the one that kept sticking out to me.  So in my dazed and sleep deprived state on Saturday, I had this crazy idea: what if I made some Victorian style silhouette of a girl looking sad with a fancy filigree frame around it? I was getting somewhere.  I found a frame I really liked, traced it (iPads make decent light tables) and got to work on reworking the frame (so that it wasn't a direct copy)

After that, I tried looking for silhouettes that fit this "Lenore" girl I kept seeing in my head.  I woke up early Sunday morning and started taking photos of myself to see if the silhouette was working.  It did at first but after awhile, I felt like it was too Barbie.

I can't help it if I decided to give my silhouette bangs and accentuate my beauty mark.  This also reminded me of Sleeping Beauty - which I will reserve for another day

So I went back to the drawing board and sketched my frame for what felt like the billionth time

Then I started Google searching more silhouettes.

I found this one and liked it but the more I stared at it, the more Laura Palmer-y it looked to me

I kept looking. And looking. I found one that had a nice shape, traced the back part and was stuck on the face part of the silhouette. Where was I going wrong? Should I find a portrait of Nathan and alter it? Should I rework the Barbie-looking one to make it fit? Why should I force it? The inspiration was there...but where?

In Bethany, of course! I searched and searched for profile pictures of Bethany and I found one of her singing.  Then I found a great one from the "Crazy For You" video and there it was - a silhouette worthy of being inside the frame!

After the billionth trace of both the silhouette and the frame, I had it! My "Poor Lenore"!  I decided I was going to silkscreen it to the canvas instead of doing my freezer paper technique since the last one went horribly horribly wrong.
I went to get my transparency made at FedEx and guess what? I forgot that my lines were a little too thin so the silkscreen burn didn't go the way I had planned.  Oh well.  Yeah, I was a little more upset than that but I went back to the drawing board (again) and traced over my lines to make them thicker and darker.  "Poor Lenore" is getting made, dammit.  I tweeted it, @replying Wavves on it on purpose as a kind of promise to finish it - no matter what it takes.  If it takes multiple failed burns before one is perfect, so be it.  "Poor Lenore" will be made.
And I was thinking of getting the first lines (that are featured in the ribbon on the frame I drew: The world's a liar) tattooed on me somewhere.  Yeah it's melodramatic, I know, but I would like to look back on it one day and say, "Yes, yes it is."  Or I can look back on it fondly and say, "Remember that time I made that Wavves-inspired art piece and Nathan totally bought it from me?"
Ha!  I have a crazy imagination!  Well since it's out there...Universe, help a sister out!  Meeting Nathan Williams would be a dream come true!  Not gonna lie - I was fantasizing about going on tour with Wavves to make, like, a mini tour diary or documentary or something.  I hope that's somewhere in the near future but how do I get it started?  I'll find a way.  I just hope that my own fears don't stop me from going through with it...