Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nail Art ADD

After seeing all the fun stuff on various nail blogs and Instagram accounts, I've been feeling rather inspired to try mo things. Maybe I just really want to be a Wah Nails girl but sadly, the Wah Nails crew is in the UK (and sometimes NYC) and I'll admit that I'm not exactly sure how to locate my nearest nail boutique for some sweet nail art (besides Christian at Sugarcoat) and I'm sure there's some Cosmetology School stuff that's involved so, like most things, I take matters into my own hands and just do it myself.
While I enjoy a proper mani with the soaking and the cuticle oils and all that, I like the fact that when I do it myself, my indecisive Libra nature isn't holding any other appointments back. No, I don't know how to execute the proper mani because I don't get proper manis on a regular basis - which could be why my cuticles look mangled most of the time...
So now since there's nothing on TV this summer, I've been left to my own devices. I could write more music but I haven't been feeling that inspired, unfortunately. After scrolling through my nail art-heavy Instagram feed, I decided I'd do a potpourri of nail art. A walking nail wheel, perhaps. I think I described it the best when I was with Lauren on Friday night. I told her I'd probably redo my nails on Saturday but she said I should keep them and I said I felt like an old lady who put on all of her jewelry before leaving the house. I'll show you what I mean.
Here's my right hand

Pinky: Pink / blue gradient
Ring: Galaxy
Middle: Googley eyes
Index: Pink / black / white polka dots
Thumb: Purple / gold gradient

And here's my left hand

Thumb: Galaxy
Index: Pink / blue gradient
Middle: Purple / gold gradient
Ring: Pink / black / white polka dots
Pinky: Red and navy "Dalton Academy" heart

I had every intention of making them match but I didn't want them to be too matchy matchy (if that makes sense). And I saw that the Glee 3D concert movie was on HBO so I fast forwarded to the Dalton Academy section and felt compelled to have one Dalton Academy nail (my pinky on my left hand). But I only wanted one. So what should I do on the corresponding finger on my right hand? Enter the green base with the "googley eye" pattern. I was feeling very inspired by one of the people I follow on Tumblr and Instagram who has a very impressive googley eye collection: photographer Chloe Rice.
If you haven't checked out her stuff, you're seriously missing out! Her work is always great and funny and just entertaining overall. And she's got tons of googley eye adventures. I like the way the nail turned out so much that I think I might mix the googley eye nail with the pink, black, and white polka dot nail for another mani... PS - Chloe liked it too!  Fangirl moment!
It looks like I'm getting the hang of the lovely gradient mani as well. It still needs more work but it's definitely better than my first attempt.  I think the flaw in my first attempt was that the colours were too close to each other. Either way, I'm happy with the purple / gold and the pink / blue variations.
The pink / black / white polka dots were cute and girly and the galaxies are always fun to do.

I'm thinking of maybe learning the mani basics and possibly extending my nail art adventures to nails other than my own.  I can't do every design but I learn quickly!  Who wants their nails done?