Monday, June 18, 2012

Hiking Adventure

For Father's Day, the old man and I ventured up to the North Georgia Mountains (Squidbilly country) to meet up with his Dad, sister and brother-in-law to hike up the 425 steps to the top of Amicalola Falls.  I had been there once before with Oni for some location scouting that didn't exactly work out but I got some great photos!
This time was no different except I knew we would be hiking so I dressed appropriately.  We started at the base of the falls where the reflecting pool was and walked up.  The view was amazing!  When Oni and I went, we started at the top and walked down the steps to the bridge over the falls but for some reason, the view was way better walking up and then back down again.  On the way down, I did get a case of jelly legs, so I kept moving in a very strange manner so that my legs wouldn't give out from under me.  I thought my legs were stronger than that but I guess I thought wrong!  Either way, it was a wonderful walk and even though some pre-planning had gone awry (or didn't happen at all at the hands of the day's organizer - not me) and nagging party member aside, it was a fun day.

Daisies #makebeautiful The falls The falls The falls The falls The falls More falls

This photo was taken on the way back down the steps so technically, we walked 850 steps (not including another trail we walked...)

Here's a very sinister looking photo I snapped of the old man at the top of the falls
Top of the falls

Check out the route I tracked with the Nike+ GPS app

I like how erratic the stair climbing makes the path look. The big loop on the right side is some mini trail we ended up walking because our organizer thought was an alternate way down to our cars...Meh. In all, we covered roughly 4.1 miles.  I say "roughly" because the green dot where I started my tracking was into the trail some and the finish was at the trunk of the car.  Either way it was a nice walk and I'd like to come back for another go at those steps!